Native World New Zealand


144 years of history - Native World has been a long standing brand within the New Zealand wool and possum garment industry.

Targeting the international tourist market, the revolutionary new brand identity needed to convey an intrinsic sense of Aotearoa, the natural fibres that are utilised, and embody an elegant, timeless brand persona that delivers a genuine narrative.

The bespoke logomark, employing contour linework in the form of the Merino rams head, is unmistakeable, and immediately identifiable as a symbol of New Zealand. The flowing, slightly abstract creative execution allows a contemporary aesthetic and tone, whilst the traditional custom typeface balances the overall brand and appeals to a wide ranging, and diverse audience.

Colourways were selected with deep teals and seafog reflecting the iconic Clutha river and early Canterbury Plains mornings, whilst the earthy tones pay homage to the steep and rugged terrain the Merino calls home.

Overall, the execution of the Native World brand allows the client a highly considered identity that respects its proud past, whilst openly celebrating modernity.

Matt Calder