Endangered. A wine of impeccable quality and refinement, produced in Gladstone, Wairarapa, New Zealand for the export market of China and Europe. 

The brief called for a unique and unconventional approach to traditional brand and label design. A+M created the brand name, illustrations of the native New Zealand bush, Tui, Kiwi, and kakapo for the brand identity of Endangered. 

We drew inspiration from the native bush at night, when the Kiwi is rarely seen, and created an all black label which, from afar, appears to be a cleanskin bottle - drawing one's eye in. Upon closer inspection the texture, variations of gloss and matte surface and intricate details become clear. Evocative, alluring, unique, and sensual, the Endangered brand plays to its own beat, shunning tradition in favour of thought provoking design. 

Matt Calder