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Hospitality queen Nicci Giles started Wellington institution THUNDERBIRD, builds native forests, loves Honky Tonk, and sees ghosts. We sat down to share a few yarns. 

The elements have always inspired where I live, I spent my 20's under the volcano in my fiery years, and now I'm in the Wairarapa surrounded by bush and rivers in my calmer years.

Oh shit, the weirdest thing I've eaten? Ya know what, it was one of those situations where you know that you ate dog, and you don't wanna admit that it was dog and you just... yeah. 

Austin Texas is the coolest place in the whole world. You dance your arse off! Theres like 200 live music venues. The food is massively, hugely great! Fake cheese! You can't go past it! Love it! I met this guy - 76 year old Texas icon Dancing George. He danced everyday, what a cowboy! He was the inspiration for my restaurants Thunderbird country music nights.

Life can simply be worked out by Cheshire Cat quotes and owning as many cowboy boots as possible!

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality - Cheshire Cat.

Huge thanks to Nicci Giles for putting up with us. Legend. 


Creative Culture | Nicci Giles