creative culture | barry saunders


Sitting down with Barry Saunders of The Warratahs is like catching up with that incredible old Uncle who's traveled the globe, has some wicked yarns to tell, and doesn't watch his P's & Q's. 

I love the sound of a harp, we went back to a woman's place one night in Timaru and this crazy place and we all got extremely stoned and we went into this room with the four of us and she played this big harp for us. And it was just insane. It was the coldest night I'd ever experienced and she gave us these plastic bottles filled with boiling water to walk home with and hold so we didn't get frostbite. We got locked out of the miserable fucken hotel, and we had to throw stones on the roof. We ended up in a huge argument with the manager and it all went pretty haywire. 

I did a picture for a photographer once, he's known although I can't remember his name. It was back in Breaker Bay when I was drinking a lot and I woke up with an appalling fucken hang over, when the band was first well known, and he knocked on the door and was just cheeky and he said I wanna take a picture of you. It was the middle of winter on the beach, he took one shot and won a big competition with it!

Recording my 'Magnetic South' album in the old Polish refugee hall in Greytown actually brought me here, I was living next door to it a year later in Kempton St.

Barry you're all class. A massive thanks from the A+M team for letting us into your home, and for your incredible stories.