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A+M sat down and had a yarn with Local courtier Nicola Screen. Nic runs her boutique store out of Greytown and hails from infamous NZ design house OYL. 

Well, I'm friends on Facebook with some of the kids who were at school, I mean some of them are in jail for murdering their husbands and stuff ya know. (awkward silence).

I miss the sea. I grew up by the sea near the Bay of Islands right out in the wop wops, it's out between the back roads of Kawakawa and Russell. My father was the first pakeha buried in the local Marae. Did you not know this?! He was the Headmaster at the local school and my mum was a teacher. He had a massive heart attack when he was 34. 

My earliest memory is beach combing for shells like every day. In actual fact I've got shells from a guy who has his shells in the Picton museum!

Massive thanks to Nicola Screen for putting up with our silly questions.

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Matt Calder