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A+M lounged around with now retired Global Brand Ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Moét, and Hennessy - Greg Williams. To say this charming, witty, and sometimes risqué chap is a bit of a character is just not doing him justice. Here's his story.

I started out at Cloudy bay as Global Brand Ambassador - seven days per week entertaining, employing excess, and repeating the same charming well rehearsed speech - running on fumes. Lunches would often surpass $6000 and really that was just a small soirée.

My boss at Moét Hennesey was a Lord. Christ he was so proper, helluva guy, spoke very softly, with that high class English pomp. He relocated to Australia where he turned into this piss drinking, swearing lout. Brilliant really. 

Thanks Greg, always great company.

Greg Williams - Alex + Matt Creative
Greg Williams - Alex + Matt Creative
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